LOVE flips the script!

Usually when someone is hostile to us, we are hostile right back. The psychological term is "complementarity." But then in rare cases someone manages to be warm, and what happens as a result can be surprising.

If we choose to combat hate with love we can change the environment. What environment can you try this in today? 


WHy i love br

Love that someone in our city made something so simple and so beautiful for people to have a platform to speak good in a place that has been in the news for only bad in the past few weeks! 

Why I love BR is a website where anyone can share a positive message for Baton Rouge through words, photos or illustrations. We'd love for people near and far to join us in spreading the love.


Greater Goods & Worthier Goals

“In a time when fear and hatred paint entire portions of the planet in a single shade of uninformed ugly, it’s more important than ever to live gently, to get to know those around you, and especially those who are different. There are greater goods and worthier goals than crushing those we disagree with, than giving in to hate and fear, than falling prey to tempestuous rhetoric and the manipulations of those who would do unspeakable harm in the name of their deities.”  - Nadia Drake