i got you


There is so much goodness in the world. 
We're all here for such a short time and we get to choose our impact. If nothing else, 14 for All wants to remind you to stop, take a deep breath and remember all of the good things

... in your life,
... in your city,
... and in the world.

'I got you' is not just a movement for a single city, a single person or a single people group but a response and a call to unify and rally behind one another in the good times and the bad.

It is a movement of hope.
It is a movement of restoration. 
It is a movement towards unity.


Our first campaign was created in August 2017 in response to a hectic summer of flooding and violence in Baton Rouge. More than ever we've realized that this city, and our nation, needs to come together and take care of one another. We've seen evidence of this from peaceful protests to crowd funding large amounts of money for victims and lining the streets to celebrate the lives of fallen officers to people putting their lives at risk to save complete strangers during the flood. We are proud of the selflessness and unity around us.

With the overwhelming need for support after this flood 100% of the proceeds from 'I got you' products went to The Foot Above Foundation for flood relief! Thank you for partnering with us for making it a priority to take care of those around you!


Our second campaign was for someone who embodied the mission for 14forAll. Joey Gingerella was shot and killed attempting to protect someone in his community. He lived his life taking care of those around him. This shirt is in honor of his life, his love for baseball and a celebration of what he lived. Wearing it will be a constant reminder for what he lived to represent.

All proceeds from Joey's 'I got you' shirt went to Community Speaks Out. Community Speaks Out was started by Joey, his family, and other families who lost loved ones in order to help and educate people struggling with addiction. CSO exists to walk families through the process of getting addicted-family members into treatment through financial and logistical assistance, and to foster community support, awareness, and education on addiction and addiction prevention. We captured Joey's story so that everyone would remember what he lived out through his life and through his death.

We hoped that these shirts will be used as conversation pieces and as a reminder to cultivate a culture of unity in YOUR city.